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Iris deorre

A single mother who is still enjoying singlehood after eight years of marriage. I started to write erotica two years ago after I attended a writing course with a well known erotic writer. I also write non erotic books under a different name.

When I'm not writing you will find me taking walks, reading, spending time with my daughter or family and friends. I also enjoy a glass of red wine now and then.

Current Releases
When Jessica gets home to discover her boyfriend has dumped her by post-it note she turns to chocolate. But her best friend June encourages her to seek something else to build her spirits. June suggests yoga. At first Jessica is sceptical about do...
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Lessons with my Yoga instructor
Jack and David have a plan. Recreate their kind and take over the human race as they know it. With their plans set, Jack takes up a job as a lecturer at a local university in West Yorkshire. His goal; to get close to and impregnate Victoria who is...
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A New Breed

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