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Lysander "Fitz" Fitzgibbon used to teach at a university, but quit when his father grew ill and needed someone to take care of him. Years later, after his dad's death, Fitz has given up on his dreams, drives a bus route, and endures twi...
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Being Fitz
Twenty years ago, eighteen-year-old Dion Doukas did unthinkable things to protect his brother Dimitry, who was born with Down Syndrome. Today, he's still haunted by those choices. The owner of a low-rent apartment building, Dion spends most of hi...
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Dion's Redemption
The sequel to Amber Allure's Best Seller Crank Me Up... Xavier McDay and Marius Rabineaux have been together for a year now. Life has been good to both men, and though at first glance it may seem that they're too different to make things work...
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Crank Me Down
It's Woodstock, 1969, and Laramie Pruitt is anxious to feel some peace and love after the recent Stonewall riots in his hometown. While he's grooving to some great music at the festival, Laramie meets a handsome young man named Sullivan "...
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Woodstock Gave Me You
When Terry turned eighteen, he wound end up homeless and alone, abandoned by family and friends for being gay. Though it took him years, he found his feet again. Then a man from his past knocks him right back down again, dredging up a memory of th...
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Remember Me Not, My Love
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Adrian Mitchell has to decide whether love and forgiveness--and being less of a control freak--are enough to win back the heart of the man who cheated on him, because he can't live without Brandon. Adrian Mitchell is miserable. His boyfriend, ...
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Truck Me All Day Long

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