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About the book: Nicholas Hughes has no idea how you kill something that cannot die, destroy something that has no body, but there’s rumor of a crafter that can make anything, so that is where he will to start.  Trouble follows the magi...
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Crossing Roads (Book Five of the Where Shadows Lie Series)
About the book: Where Shadows Lie series, book 4 David Cruz has made his choice: Bay City is his home—even though it isn’t the one his clan would’ve chosen for him. He plans to protect it. So, what better way to protect an...
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Where Shadows Lie: Campaign Trails (series book 4)
  Blurb   "The vampire Jarvis has seen much in his centuries of being: slavery, wars, and the birth of a nation. The town of Steeler’s Mill is his next stop.   The vampire is in search of a place t...
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Where Shadows Lie: Steeler's Mill
  Blurb Nicholas Hughes has finally gone to ground, but that doesn’t mean that he’s done running, or that Scarlet’s done chasing. When last he saw her, she promised to take his head, but when next he hears of her, sh...
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Where Shadows Lie: Hunting Grounds
"In the underbelly of the eastern US seaport of Bay City, supernatural and non-supernatural creatures alike strive to understand the meaning of life, to belong, or simply exist. David is one of them. He is far, far away from his clan. Before ...
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Where Shadows Lie: Bay City.

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