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J.Elle was raised by her mother in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. She is her mother's only child and the eldest and only girl of her father’'s four children. Both her mother and father are ex-Army. She vowed never to marry military, but Fate has an interesting sense of humor. Her husband, Thomas, is a sergeant in the United States Army Infantry. They have a son, Thomas Jr., who recently celebrated his first birthday. She is currently studying for her doctorate in psychiatry. "A woman with goals can never be stopped as long as courage and faith will move and shake the world."
        The Justified series is her freshman offering with Due and Just as her first of many titles to come. She is already hard at work on Just Desserts, the next piece in what she hopes will be a long and steady writing career.  "As long as one person besides me wants to read what I write, I will continue to write."

A message from the author:
I haven't had a chance to write every story that has popped in my head; but if you like me enough to stick with me, you wont be disappointed.

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I am just someone doing what I love in hopes that someone finds enjoyment from it. I can only hope that others find my work worth following up with.

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Justified: Due and Just

A Peek Into the Life of J Elle

Justified: Due and Just

Justified: Due and Just

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