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J Frank Dunkin

J. Frank Dunkin grew up in Marion, Alabama and remembered the fifties as a golden era, when The Grand Ole Opry was at its peak, Rock and Roll was the latest musical fad, and America’s interstate highway system was merely in the planning stage.  He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Auburn University in 1968 and later studied creative writing at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois.  After an army tour in South Korea, Dunkin worked as an art editor for publishers in Nashville, Tennessee before spending twenty years in corporate real estate, where he analyzed markets, selected store locations, and negotiated long-term leases for retail chains in the United States and Canada.  Aside from old movies and writing, he had a  passion for college football, classical music, and traveling.  Dunkin passed away unexpectedly in Aug, 2013, just days after approving the galley proof of his debut novel, "Bones of My Brother."  He was the proud father of two, grandfather of ten, and had retired to Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

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