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Hi, I’m Gunnar Grey. I write books. I’m a historian, political junkie, target shooter, and retired adventurer and equestrian. I read avidly and post reviews or at least ratings for most of the books I read. Occasionally my poor husband surfaces from beneath a pile of paperbacks, gasping for air… but I shouldn’t bore you with personal issues.

I live in Humble, Texas, just north of Houston, with four parakeets, the aforementioned husband (who’s even more entertaining than the birds), an orange betta fish with no manners, a fig tree, the lawn from the bad place, three armloads of potted plants, and a coffee maker that’s likely the most important item we own.

Current Releases

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The gorgeous woman leaned closer, almost into his personal space, her dark hair falling in gentle waves to her shoulders. Kennie glanced around, uncomfortable even in his fascination. But none of the joggers passing them seemed to notice her, and she...
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Star of Wonder
Winner of the 2013 Chaucer Award for Historical Fiction (category: World Wars) August 1940 He wasn’t supposed to be on the plane. Now Major Faust is a prisoner of the English and he must escape before they break him. But every time he get...
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Deal with the Devil
The two halves of his world are about to collide… Captain Charles Ellandun lives in two worlds. With NATO’s Rapid Response team, he rescues embassies in trouble and takes drinking water to villages shattered by earthquakes. Between...
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