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J. Jay Kamp

Having been an administrative assistant for most of the last decade, J. Jay Kamp is currently a full-time writer and mother of three (cats, that is). She is presently brainstorming ideas for a new project.

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Current Releases
The Bayman's Bride, the third book in The Ravenna Evans Series. Set aboard a sailing ship and in the jungles of Belize, The Bayman's Bride is the tale of a formidable Spanish captain who finds himself attracted to the Englishwoman he&...
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The Bayman's Bride
The Wager, the second book in The Ravenna Evans Series. Set in Belize seven years after The Last Killiney ends, The Wager is about how Ravenna Evans, lonesome and bored, is kidnapped by the scruffiest of outlaws. The grandson of a murderous s...
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The Wager
The Last Killiney, the first book in The Ravenna Evans Series. On holiday in England, Ravenna Evans begins to recall her past life as an eighteenth-century Irish viscount's lover. When she is swept back in time to relive this affair (alon...
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The Last Killiney

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