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JK Bovi is a professional Graphic Designer and a published author of humorous paranormal books that are fun, not scary ghost fiction for teens and adults. Her published titles: Wicked Haints, Dead Man's Fingers, Zombies y'all!
and Heels & Souls take place in Savannah Georgia.  Her books are full humor, southern charm and guaranteed to make everyone laugh – even the dead

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Current Releases
A delightful romantic ghost story! What happens when a girl can't find her favorite dancing shoes? . . . And what if that girl is a ghost? It's Saturday night and the jitterbug jive is rock'n the joint as crazy high-spirited ghosts ...
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Heels & Souls
Savannah becomes a live action 3-D Zombie Apocalypse game of skill, combat and amusement as students band together to save the ghost population from being zombiefied. Armed with Z-guns and wearing Z-tecters, townsfolk gallantly fight a hoard of hungr...
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Zombies Y'all!
Renovations in a Savannah building expose a skeleton that had been buried and forgotten about for over a hundred years. It is immediately apparent that the person's death was the result of foul play. When the bones are removed and the mumbo-jumbo...
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Dead Man's Fingers
Haints’ are what people in the low country of Georgia’s southeast coast call ‘spirits’. It is believed by some folks that the color haint blue keeps evil spirits out of a house. When the haint blue paint is removed from a hous...
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Wicked Haints

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