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J. L. Goodman

If it involves creation, I'm all over it. If it involves dirt or messes, it's all over me. I love to quilt, garden, write, play music, compose music, and raise animals and children. In addition, I have tackled the life-long project known as training my husband; so far, so good. In my spare time, I am a veterinarian. 

I enjoyed indulging in my latest romance novel, Olivia's Opus and have another book underway. This book is in no way autobiographical, but I can certainly relate to the heroine, Olivia, on many levels. At times, I also have a bit of her flighty friend, Georgia, in me as well. And the love of my life (the perfect-husband-in-training) bears some resemblance to Nikolai, minus the arrogance and curly black hair.

Current Releases
As Olivia Brandt runs along the Lake Michigan shoreline, her eclectic playlist shuffles to the old classic, "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” That's the million dollar question, isn't it?  Six short months ago, Olivia'...
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Olivia's Opus

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