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Sara Almquist, the protagonist of my thriller/mystery series, will try anything once. She describes her job as an epidemiologist as being a professional snoop who tackles practical problems: flu epidemics, dangerous diet schemes, addictive drugs, and questionable international scientific exchanges.

I try to make Sara’s exploits realistic and gritty by including researched science tidbits and my travel to Bolivia, Cuba, and Lebanon, sometimes as a science consultant. For example, I really did climb to the roof of Iglesia de San Francisco to look down on the Witches' Market in La Paz, but no one was chasing me like Sara is chased in Ignore the Pain. And in case you doubt the science, I include a short Scientific Epilogue at the end of each novel with references.

If you’re a romantic, you might think Sara sounds too tough. Forget that idea, she meets a number of interesting men but loves her main male—a Japanese Chin Dog named Bug. The real Bug is shown in the attached photos.

  • In the medical suspense novel, Coming Flu, learn whether the Philippine Flu or a drug kingpin caught in the quarantine for the flu is deadlier.
  • Next in the medical mystery, Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight, discover whether an ambitious young “diet doctor” or an old-timer with buried secrets killed the diet doctor.
  • In medical thriller Ignore the Pain, feel the fear as epidemiologist, Sara Almquist, learns too much about the coca trade and too little about a sexy new colleague, Xave Zack, while on a public health assignment in Bolivia.
  • Join Sara Almquist as she travels to Cuba in the thriller, Malignancy. In her haste to escape further entanglement with a drug czar and to see Xave Zack again, she accepts a questionable State Department invitation to arrange scientific exchanges between the U.S. and Cuba. 
  • Sara Almquist is drawn into the plan to identify and rescue a nuclear scientist, known only as F, from Iran. However, she doubts that her memories from her career as a globe-trotting epidemiologist are relevant. After repeated attacks, she doubts she’ll survive the search for F in I Saw You in Beirut.  

I hope my novels encourage more women and minorities to select careers in the sciences. But don't worry if you're not "into science," the action, plot twists, and quirky characters will keep you reading these novels.

Malignancy won first place in the annual Public Safety Writers Association contest in 2015.

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A Note From J. L. Greger

Besides being a medical thriller, Ignore the Pain is a travelogue for Bolivia. After reading this book, you may put Bolivia on your bucket list as a place to see. 

Malignancy shows a side of modern Cuba that many tourists miss. I Saw You in Beirut includes memories of travels in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates in the nineties. 





Current Releases
Dieting is hard. So is fitting into a new job where you aren’t wanted. In Murder: A Way to Lose Weight, Dr. Linda Almquist is trying to do both as she investigates two diet doctors who are endangering the lives of their obese patients. When she...
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Murder: A Way to Lose Weight
In I Saw You in Beirut, a mysterious source of leaks on the Iranian nuclear industry, known only as F, sends an email from Tabriz: Help. Contact Almquist. Intelligence sources determine the message refers to Sara Almquist, a globetrotting epidem...
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I Saw You in Beirut
Talk about authentic! While reading Malignancy, I had to remind myself it was a work of fiction. Janet’s professional background adds just the right touch of realism. An intriguing read. ---John M. Wills, award-winning author In Maligna...
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Sara Almquist couldn’t say no when invited to be the epidemiologist on a public health mission to Bolivia. Soon she finds dangers lurk around every corner of the Witches’ Market and churches of La Paz as someone from her past pursues her....
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Ignore the Pain
  A new flu strain – the Philippine flu – kills more than two hundred in La Bendita, a small walled community near Albuquerque, in less than a week. The rest face a bleak future under the quarantine. Existing antiviral medications...
Available Now!
Coming Flu

A Peek Into the Life of J. L. Greger

Bug and me

Bug and me
I once was sweet.

I once was sweet.
Bug's the boss

Bug's the boss

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