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Life has taught Fiona, a telekinetic witch, some clear lessons—reveal your true self to no one and don’t believe in love. She keeps men at arm’s length until she meets Trent, an ex-Marine who seems to be satisfied with her need fo...
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Gwen is looking for a fling in the Bahamas. She’s tired of the bars at home and just wants to relax and get laid. A tropical vacation seems like the perfect place to live in the moment. But when she meets a hunky history professor at the pool...
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Barefoot Paradise
After a vicious attack, Kate fears she can never be close to anyone again, let alone allow another man to touch her. She moves away to the country to hide and recover. But after a couple of lonely months, on the spur of the moment she visits a loca...
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Dream Cravings
Jessie’s divorce from a dangerous abuser has left her wary. No man has tempted her to take a chance in a long time. But Travis lights fires in her she’d long forgotten and they agree to one smoldering night together. Travis was kicked ...
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Ain't No Angel
When Brady comes home for her sister’s birthday, she’s not thrilled to see her smoking-hot high school crush, Darren. He humiliated her all those years ago and the wound still stings. Nevertheless, she can’t deny the heat of attract...
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Hooked For Life
Blair gets the shock of her life when she finds out the big black wolf stalking her cabin and her sexy, rude neighbor are one and the same. He awakens her animal passions like no man before and satisfies her every carnal desire. Luckily he’s th...
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Unleashing The Animal
Kris Elliot is having a bad day, which only gets worse when some fucking bitch rear-ends her car at a red light. She nearly lets her mouth and temper take control, but is kept in check by the hottest police officer she’s ever seen. She’d ...
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Submitting to the Officer

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