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              J. Lee Roberts spends her time between the majestic Hawaiian Islands and the soft, rolling foot hills of central California. She loves dancing and experiencing live music. She spends her days tinkering in her garden where she grows an abundance of fruit, vegetables and fragrant flowers. She spends her nights snuggling with her hunky blue-eyed partner. ( among other things)

       When not dancing, gardening ,or snuggling, J. Lee loves spending time with the girls. Anything can happen on a all girls night; naughty photo shoots, poker tournaments, and the occasional solstice celebration are just some of the crazy things they get up to.

        Each volume of Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings, follows Catalina Purdy on a sexy adventure around the globe, time, and space. Each erotic tale, can be read alone or as a series. J. Lee Roberts has published Vol. #1 Cleopatra's Pearls, Vol. #2 The Aztec Goddess and soon to be released is Vol. #3 The Last Seeing Stone. If you still haven't had enough just wait for this Christmas when she will be releasing Vol. #4 The Nativity.  J. Lee  is also in the process of finishing her first full length thriller The Cross


Authors note: Time and space are irrelevant. Do the things you have always wanted to do, NOW. I have discovered the meaning of my life and it is all about happiness. Not only for myself but by sharing and creating happiness amongst those I love and strangers alike. The universe will give you anything you want, the hard part is knowing what it is you want in life. Be strange, be crazy, be sexy but most important, be yourself.

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Ask and you shall receive :-)






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Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings volumes 1&2

Available Now!
Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings vol.2 The Aztec Goddess
   "You may have heard stories. Legends, about alluring women, who slip into your husbands chambers, steeling his so called virtue. Others, have spawned mysterious tales, of sailors being lured into the shallows, by angelic voices...
Available Now!
Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings volume #1 Cleopatra's Pearls

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