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After one too many Snowmageddon shoveling catastrophes, J.M. Kelley, a native of Pennsylvania, loaded her car with all of her belongings and moved to sunny South Carolina.
Now, she finds herself shivering when temperatures dip to fifty degrees, and battles against the slight Southern accent she seems to be developing. When not toiling away at her day job, she can be found huddled over her laptop in a quiet corner of her favorite coffee shop, slurping a caffeine-laden milkshake as she writes.

J.M. Kelley is a proud recipient of a Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Award. She is a member of the South Carolina Writers Workshop, Pennwriters, and Romance Writers of America (PAN).
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Current Releases
SPLINTERED CATEGORY ROMANCE #102 Magical\Paranormal When it came to Vivian Burroughs’ unique connection with nature, her grandmother always said, ‘Mediocrity may not burn as bright as a firecracker, but it seldom blows up in your...
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Almost Magic
Drew Doyle’s done a lot of stupid things in his life, but his biggest mistake by far was not paying attention to the 2% failure rate listed on the back of the condom box. Drew In Blue is a contemporary romance about a thirty-six year old lo...
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Drew in Blue

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