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Immediately after getting married, Mark and Stacy Singleton leave for their honeymoon in the Caribbean. They rent a boat to cruise some of the islands, but while they are sleeping, a large tanker unknowingly overturns their craft. Holding on to wreck...
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Who Is What?
Investigative reporter Mark Williams and his marine biologist wife Flo are trying to decide where to go on vacation when they get a frantic phone call from one of Flo’s old professors who now lives in the Bahamas. He begs Flo and Mark to join h...
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Bermuda Sounds
We are constantly challenged to make decisions: looking at situations and selecting choices from a variety of options. Not only in business and professional situations are we faced with choices, but also in everyday life. Fortunately, most of them ar...
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The Lowly Turtle
Have you ever thought about the possibility of using single words to spark ideas about managing well, both in the business world and in your personal lives? 300 Dictums lists and defines verbs that describe actions, which can provoke results. Use 300...
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300 Dictums
Most people don’t communicate well in personal and business situations. Without solid skills people flounder, time is wasted, and opportunities are lost. Decades of coaching, teaching, and observing have contributed to the substance of J. Rober...
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You Can't Push a String
What happened to Jesus during the “silent years”? While we can never know for certain, Rehearsal follows the young Jesus through fictional, but very plausible, events as he builds a table—that will later be used for the last supp...
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