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J.V. Altharas is a veteran entertainer with a filthy, filthy mind.  He is an accomplished stage and studio vocalist exploring the realm of erotic audio books after returning his full attention to a life-long love affair with fantasy fiction. 

Current projects include a free erotica website (with text and audio) at and several upcoming erotic audio pieces for Ravenous Romance. J.V. is also a sex-positive activist and host of the five-star-rated, gleefully explicit, brutally blunt sex-education podcast Ending the Sexual Dark Age.

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Current Releases
Megan stumbles onto a private party in the basement of a club that won't let her in. A seductive stranger is more than willing to escort her "Fresh Meat Night" in a world of flesh and fantasy she barely knew existed. ...
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Tryst of Fate
Celeste is a farm girl who's had her eye on the village blacksmith for quite a while, and this time she's determined to get his attention. A bold offer gives her an opening, but is she really ready to do whatever she's told? ...
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A Shalar Is Born
Lord Arius can't help but intercede when he sees a slave being mercilessly beaten. He confiscates the slaves, returning home with them after seeing justice done to their former master. Rescued from a cruel fate and on the heels of a long ...
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The Taking of Ariel
A surprise for Tasha's kinky new boyfriend turns into a compromising position when her roommate's plans fall through. Now she's cuffed to the bed, he's due any minute, and Katrina would just as soon start without him. ...
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Timing Is Everything
Lana's village is being consumed by a devastating plague. The last hope for a cure lies in a forbidden forest claimed by dragons. Deep in the woods she finds a breathtaking realm of sorcery and untamed passion. Alaron, the seductive keeper...
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Lady of the Drake
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Sugar and spice and everything nice...that's what you'll find in this smoking hot collection of kinky lesbian stories! Discover what can happen when the chemistry between two sexy women ignites...and they explore their playful sides! S...
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Sugar & Spice

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