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Jack Byrne

Jack Byrne is an Australian who lives and works in the Australian outback training horses, doing farm work and trying to stay out of trouble.  He writes from experience (sometimes unfortunate experience!) and has been shot at (“a case of mistaken identity”) and bitten by a snake before.  He writes on a laptop with a satellite connection and likes to ride or drive out to locations he is writing about to get a real feel for the surroundings.

His short stories, novellas and novels have been published by Aurealis, SGA Publications, Amok Publications, Dreamspinner Press, Dark Hollows Press and in Queermance 2015.

He is happy to hear from readers via email or Facebook.  He can’t promise an instant reply as he is in Australia and will probably be sleeping when you message him, also he goes out working sometimes for a week or so, but he will get back to readers as soon as he can.

Visit Jack Byrne's website:

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