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Jack Hillman

A lifelong Pennsylvania resident, Jack began a love of books sitting amid the mystery of hospitals and medical paraphernalia. Mythology of all cultures and a fascination with martial philosophies led to King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and an array of science fiction and fantasy authors that had a strong impact on his life.

In addition to newspaper reporting and magazine articles, Jack has written articles for a variety websites--some under his own name and some as a behind-the-scenes contributor.  Over four dozen short stories bearing his byline have appeared in magazines and anthologies.  Four murder-mystery dinner theater plays written by Jack have been produced and performed for local theater in Eastern Pennsylvania to appreciative audiences. 

With experience as a journalist, short story writer, playwright and novelist, Jack often speaks at writer's conferences, to writer's groups and to school gatherings.  If you are looking for a speaker on esoteric subjects, Jack probably has something tucked away in a folder or on his library shelf for the occasion.

He lives in eastern Pennsylvania with his supportive wife, a squad of feline editors, and an array of edged weapons to inspire his works.

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Current Releases
  The Giants are back, And they have a lot of evil plans that will effect the whole world this time. Eric Johnson must once again face the Giants of Norse legends.  But this time they will try to make him a carrier for a horrible...
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Giants Want Ragnorak
  It's up to Eric Johnson and his friends to stop the Frost Giants from taking over Enigma Caverns. But when Eric is thrown in the Lost River, he takes a trip much farther than anyone could plan. When Eric Johnson moved from Phila...
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Giants Want the Lost River
  A young boy moves to the Lehigh Valley, meets beings from another dimension and joins a battle to save two worlds! Thirteen-year-old Eric Johnson never wanted to move out of Philadelphia. But the untimely death of his parents le...
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There are Giants in this Valley

A Peek Into the Life of Jack Hillman

Jack and the rock dwarves of Enigma Caverns

Jack and the rock dwarves of Enigma Caverns
I'm sure we can sew that hand back on properly.

I'm sure we can sew that hand back on properly.
Within the circle of his sword, each man is king

Within the circle of his sword, each man is king
Why is this man smiling?

Why is this man smiling?

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