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When Frank Ross met Sarah Mayeux in high school, it was love at first sight. Little did she know when she married him, however, that fate had deemed the worst-case scenario for her, that she would lose her husband before they had a chance to grow old...
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False River
Texas dairy farmer, Alton Kemper, has a life changing experience following the death of his son Jim, a soldier in World War II, when he decides he has to live again for his grandson. Alton’s grandson, Jimmy, grows up in the shadow of his bigger...
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The House Wren
Rick Bennett and Elizabeth Meadow fell in love in their senior year of high school and knew they could never live without each other. But they both had dreams. Elizabeth planned to find a cure for breast cancer, the terrible disease that took her mot...
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A Bowl Full of Grapes
Their lives and love interrupted by tragic circumstances beyond their control, Jamie Cain and Abby Prentiss are forced to go their separate ways. Believing him to be dead, she begins a new life she never really wanted but pursues out of necessity and...
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Dreams Once Dreamed
Theirs is an improbable story. She is a girl from Vermont, purposeful and dedicated to her calling in life. He is a rancher from the high country of Colorado who takes life one day at a time and never plans to be anything but what he is. When they fa...
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Magnolia Road
Clare is a twenty-four-year-old woman who faces life with quiet confidence and inner turmoil. She experiences love, hurt and uncertainty, sexual harassment in the workplace, and tragedy. She meets and falls in love with Evan Garner in their first yea...
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