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Jackie M. Smith

Canadian romance author. Born in Eastern Canada, I now live in Quebec. I love ice hockey, reading historical romances and listen to 80s music.
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Current Releases
Can their love survive the harsh Scottish Highlands? When Anais de Lillebonne traveled to Scotland for an arranged marriage, she never expected to find love and a place to call her own. Once she settles with her new husband on his ancestral lands,...
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The Highlander's Fight
Her soul is what he needs to break his curse. Viking warrior Ragnvald Hallvardson was devastated when his fiancée was killed. In desperation, he sought help from the local witch. But instead of being reunited with his love, he was cursed wi...
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Whispering Souls
What becomes their greatest adventure might separate them forever. Sarah Callaghan Ashbury travels to Russia for a family matter, and the unexpected journey brings her a renewed joy in life. But then a fire breaks out at her great aunt's estat...
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The Darkest Winter
In the wintery Rocky Mountains, two strangers find love. Her family left in financial ruin, Sarah Callaghan travels to the Yukon with her brother in search of gold. When her brother is injured and must return home, she's determined to continue...
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Klondike Winter
Two friends become lovers, but someone wants one of them dead. Kristina Scott has something her ex-fiancé wants, and he's willing to kill to get it. With the help of a friend, she manages to escape and returns to her hometown, praying h...
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Hidden Desire
In a time of great turmoil, a beauty meets a beast who changes her life forever. Emilia Crawford's father is arrested in the name of King Henry VIII's new reforms. The king's men take him to the London Tower to await sentencing. In an ...
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On His Honor

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