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I’m a Zombie…and I’m Supreme…On the Supreme Court, that is. That’s right…it’s time for another episode of the silly but sexy saga that began with “I’m Undead and I Vote.” Now “I&...
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I’m a Zombie...and I’m Supreme
Catering to a growing group of Undead Americans, the President has decreed that everyone must have a chance to benefit from his Eternal Care Act…more commonly known as “Draculacare.” It seems like a great idea….until it beco...
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I'm a Charge of Draculacare
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His name stands for sadism, sex and slavery…everything that wealthy socialite Emily Sheffield has wanted from a man, since she first read his sordid story in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." When she sees Simon Legree after the Civil...
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I'm Simon Legree...For Real

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