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Jacqueline Applebee

When it comes to erotic fiction, my stories, characters and settings are based in the real world, even when they are paranormal. I write about regular (and irregular) people such as yourself having wild times, regardless of age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, or any other variant.

My short stories appear in anthologies such as Best Women's Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica and Ultimate Lesbian Erotica. I've also written several erotic novellas about Gay shapeshifters (Sweet Pet, Sweet Pet 2: Battlecry), Earth elementals who solve crime (Angel on the Roof). I've also written a collection of erotic short stories set up and down the length of the United Kingdom and Ireland (Erotic Brits)

Violet Blue, editor of Best Women's Erotica has very kindly called me 'Imitable' in the introduction of Best Women's Erotica 2011, so I'm very happy about that!

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Current Releases
Bisexual men are everywhere-haven't you read about it yet? These fifteen tales celebrate the sexy adventures by men who really do go both ways. Bisexual men love getting down and dirty, whether it is in a fetish club or at a wedding reception....
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Bisexual Men
Love can bring you home, no matter where you are. For Sarah, love spans the barrier of death, to bring two fallen soldiers back to the present. Ernest and Albert are ghosts, each freed from statues that held their essence by Sarah, who posses...
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Fallen Soldiers
NSFW: Not Safe for Work is a collection of eight very naughty tales. You definitely should not be reading this book at work. Who knows if your boss is watching you right now, smiling as they watch you secretly enjoy yourself... In The Red ...
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NSFW: Not Safe for Work
How big is your heart? Nadia asks herself the same question. When she meets Christine, she learns that monogamy isn’t the only way to have a relationship. Christine is polyamorous; she dates more than one lover at the same time, wit...
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An Expanded Love
Fancy a Highland fling? This anthology showcases a sexy Scotland for your pleasure. • Glasgow by the back door: Kinky fun awaits a newlywed on her honeymoon, when she learns that it’s always the shy folks who love anal. • Up...
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Erotic Brits 2: Sexy Scotland
s Jack the Ripper alive today? Jessie is happy leading a hedonist lifestyle, with plenty of women to enjoy in or out of her bed. When Jessie's friend asks for help in finding her missing lover, Jessie is reluctant, however as increasing numbers of wo...
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Ripper's Redemption
Join a tour around the United Kingdom with Erotic Brits. In these eighteen tales, you will see a Britain you probably didn't know existed. There are no tea and crumpets on the lawn, no genteel romances or period pieces. Instead you can enjoy a scorch...
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Erotic Brits

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