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When Isabella Wyndham-Brown returns to Edwardian England to celebrate reaching her twenty-first birthday, she is looking forward to becoming an adult away from the constraints of her well-meaning but interfering aunts and uncles. But events conspire ...
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Egypt, 1900. Kate Whitaker is fourteen years old when she first meets Adam Ellis on her archaeologist father’s dig. They hate each other on sight. Seven years later, they meet again in London, and this time Kate falls in love with him, only ...
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The Scarlet Queen
Professional crone Sophronia finds herself still in California trying to prevent younger witches from being murdered by unscrupulous vampires who want the skills their blood can bestow. She would love some help from her own kind, but so far the only ...
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Maids, Mothers, and Crones
She may be fifty, English, and a professional crone, but Sophronia Sheridan is not one to turn down a chance to help others, even when it goes against her better judgment.  When she is faced with young witches and vampires who have fallen under ...
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Sophronia and the Vampire
It's been a while since witches had to worry about being burnt at the stake… Forty-nine, English and a professional crone, Sophronia is touring America when she is forced to spend the night at a run-down motel on the Californian co...
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Sophronia and the Vampire

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