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Book two in the Sandpipers Series Sometimes the strength to fight the past lies in the love and friendship of the present. Mark Carter has taken care of himself and those around him since he was a teenager. But with his younger brother an...
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Raven's Mark
Book one in the Journey of the Wyvern Series Can one small stowaway teach two hardened warriors a lesson in life and love? Arek and Devlynn were once part of one of the most vicious gangs of space pirates in the galaxy—the Fennrus G...
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The Stowaway
Book three in the Portals Series Three men when the world sees only two. One desire—to be loved and accepted. All they need is a miracle. Paul and Joshua’s life has never been easy, or even easy to explain, but they’ve a...
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Sharing Paul
  Book two in the Portals Series Devon never wanted to be free. He never wanted to leave the safety of the harem. Forced out of the only home he’s ever known, he’s cold, hungry and…angry for the first time in...
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Devon's Revenge
Book one in The Nu Hayven Chronicles Series Mykel hates Lusaffar. Lusaffar hates Mykel. Which is as it should be. The way it’s always been between Aenjels and Deamonds. So why can’t they keep their hands off one another? When ...
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Treacherous Sun
Book one in the Sandpiper's Series    Three men, so many secrets. Can Brody, Lark and Zak find their way to love, or will someone put a stop to their chance at happiness forever?    Brody is starting again. He&rsquo...
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Sandpipers' Secret
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Book four in the Contact Series When you’re a run-away slave, the very last person you should want to make contact with is a bounty hunter. Pity Harte can’t seem to keep his hands off the man. Harte is in trouble. Big trouble. And...
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Where to Find Harte
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Book one in the Portals Series A cat shifter from another world who has spent his entire life as a sex slave and an emotional battered male nurse, these two men couldn’t be more different or more perfect for each other, if only the past wil...
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Ethan's Freedom
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Book three in the Contact Series When you love someone you give them your heart. But if it turns out they may literally want it - run like hell! This time there won't be any contact without one hell of an explanation! Jay loves Nic u...
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Why Jan Ran Away
Book two in the Contact Series A disillusioned Dom and a bratty sub chafing against being a slave-oh! and those nasty cuffs that are cutting off the circulation to his wrists-this time making contact is going to require discipline. D...
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How to Steal Blade
Book one in the Contact Series A rough around the edges mercenary and a little spit-fire determined not to be anyone’s pleasure slave—making contact has never been so volatile…or so much fun! Rhyn is an ex-lawman workin...
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