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Jade Onyx writes about HER ~ Healing Erotic Romance. In addition to writing, Jade is a certified practitioner in the healing arts, a housewife and a stay-at-home mother who is pregnant with her third child.

You can expect her to go through bouts of pregnancy brain and nursing mind in the forthcoming year. Oh, but the characters won't let her forget them, and they insist upon their happily ever afters. So you can rest assured that Jade will be writing more books.

She welcomes emails from readers at

A Note From Jade Onyx

I write about HER ~ Healing Erotic Romance.
I write because I have to.
I fall in love with my characters, their perfect imperfect selves.
They won't leave me alone until they get their happily ever after.
So you see? They are my masters. I am enslaved. I need to write their story.
I hope you love them, too. If you do, please share their story via tweets, posts, and reviews. Writing is my night owl job and your support and buying power helps me continue my work.
Thank you.
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Current Releases
When breaking free means breaking open...  When Natalia escapes a loveless relationship and fails to seduce an old flame, she makes use of her alluring attire in the comfort of her suite when two strangers hand her a bag and a phone. ...
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Prison Break

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