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I tend to dream up stories while either laying in bed at night, sitting at my desk at work, or floating on a raft out by the pool while my kid goes swimming. It's exciting to watch a story unfold, especially when my characters say or do something unexpected! I've been dreaming up stories for over a decade now, and hope to dream for many more to come.
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Parapsychology graduate Gina Munson knows better than to fall victim to the special “charms” at her uncle's resort, where the siren call of a glittering sea couples with the energy of supernatural eroticism. Then a muscled building contractor stumble...
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Their Secret Paradise
When dojo owner Evan Dakota gives sexy reporter Desiree Shores permission to train under him for an article on karate, it's all they can do to keep their minds off each other and on martial arts. Even more, Evan's hot assistant, Makoto Chinen, is al...
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Kata Sutra

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