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Jae Knight is just your average, Pagan, Goth girl with a deep love (bordering on obsession) for all creatures that go bump in the night. Jae Knight uses that love of the paranormal to write wickedly erotic romance stories. She lives in the Midwest with her family and in her spare time, Jae likes to read just about anything she can get her hands on and playing in her head with her characters. Especially her lovely Angelo…
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Korinna MacDougal is a strong and independent vampire who doesn't need a man, but it soon becomes apparent that a human male needs her. Korinna is drawn to Ziggy 'Blue' Dvorzhetsky, and when demons start stalking her in an attempt to find her vampire...
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Surrender to the Night
Lily Fontaine and Vallon Paige were meant for each other. Neither saw the destructive, jealous force of Angelo Milonne tearing them apart. Trapped in a nightmare of murders and untold secrets, Lily must find a way to protect her mortal lover from the...
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From the Shadows
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