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His name was the essence of nightmares ... his domain the birthplace of despair. No sane man would venture there, but for the sake of her father's life, Bianca the Pure must willingly go to the embrace of the black knight ... Damian Alessandro...
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White as Snow
Which one's the real beast? The abusive husband who tried to kill her? Or the gargoyle, Nightshade, who not only saved her life, but taught her something she had never known...passion? Nightshade is a Reissue. Originally published by NCP ...
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Night Shade
The route she knew she had to take was more perilous in many ways than the task she’d been set, but Sonja was accustomed to taking risks, used to twisting men around her finger to get what she wanted. Surely, she could manage the beast men...
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Shadow Runners
If Shadowmere had a ruler, Balian would be king. He is the most powerful of their number, feared above all others. And the time has come to find his mate. In the land of Wyverns, men compete for the hand of the princess and the riches of her ...
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The Dragon King
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