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James D Horton

James D Horton is a storyteller at heart. He has been writing since he could hold a pen and making up stories for just as long. 

Fiction is his first love, but his first books have been the successful actions he and his fiance have used in their relationship. They are both on their second engagement/marriage, having learned a lot of what not to do they are now learning all the right things to do. He shares their discoveries in writing so others can have the happiness they have created with each other.

He was a major storyteller for a worldwide RPG group for many years and ran his own roleplaying site for years after that. He is a self-employed entrepreneur and business owner. 

He is engaged to his soul mate and they live together with their six children in Missouri. He loves nothing more than comic books and helping others succeed and be happy in life.

Current Releases
Lily is a survivor. In a city overflowing with violence, crime and a darkness at its heart, she does what she has to do to survive. She takes whatever comes her way. Always a victim, she rolls with the punches of life, until tonight.    ...
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Predator & Prey

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