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SHADY by Jay Halliday Dan and Tris have been driving all day, and when they finally stop, the motel Tris chooses isn't exactly the kind of place Dan would have picked. But Dan isn't calling the shots. There's a reason Tris chose...
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Gay Erotica Volume 10
THE WRONG GUY by C.Paulssen Michael meets Greg on a photo shoot. He never even considers starting something with the good-looking but annoying singer, who, in any case, spends half the shoot flirting with the female make-up artist. But wh...
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Gay Erotica Volume 11
AN INSTRUMENT OF JUSTICE by Jay Halliday Jason Langley is an excellent lawyer, but when faced with Michael Marcus as opposing counsel, it's as if he can't push through the distraction to win. His competitive nature means he's ...
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Gay Erotica Volume 12
GOOD COP, BAD COP by Michael Blake When Evan finds himself being robbed at knifepoint in a dark alleyway, he's in need of help from the boys in blue. But these policeman demand a very special brand of gratitude for saving him - and Evan'...
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Gay Erotica Volume 8
A BACKHANDED KIND OF BUSINESS by Landon Dixon He'd gone to Hollywood after the war in search of movie fame. But six months in, his silver screen dreams were fading to black. Until he suddenly took a firm hand in his destiny, by taking h...
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Gay Erotica Volume 9
SERVING TO LOVE By EC Cutler On the tennis court, Fernando and Robbie are the deadliest of rivals. But off it, they play a very different kind of love game, as a delay to the men's singles finals at a prestigious tournament gives them an opp...
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Gay Erotica Volume 5
WEBCAM WILLY by G.R. Richards Willy's just another university student who likes to jerk off with strangers via webcam. He's a voyeur and exhibitionist all rolled into one. As much as he loves getting off in front of other guys, he loves ...
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Gay Erotica Volume 6
BRODY AND THE BOY BENCH by G.R. Richards When Brody comes across a secluded bench in the middle of the forest, he's surprised to find it occupied by two men getting a little 'hands on' with each other. Even after they catch him peepi...
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Gay Erotica Volume 7
PIRATED by Emerson Morris ‘Jolly’ Roger Doyle was a fading silver screen swashbuckler, Adam Kidd his up-and-coming rival in pirate pics. But on this high-seas set, the old scallywag still had a few tricks up his puffy sleeves, and pa...
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Gay Erotica Volume 2
PLAY IT AS HE LIES by Matt Sledge A PI is hired to deliver the goods on a kidnapping caper. And deliver he does, to his own satisfaction . . . POOL OFF by Don Travers When a man finds his man cheating on him at a party, he heads out to th...
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Gay Erotica Volume 3
JUDE’S INITIATION by Julian Benedict After a meticulous background check, Jude is accepted into an exclusive gay sex club where he learns that a gorgeous, straight football player he had hopelessly yearned for is a favoured member of the c...
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Gay Erotica Volume 4
FUMBLER ON THE ROOF by Landon Dixon He was a one-man wrecking crew, an occupational hazard to his workmates on the roofing crew. But his ultra-understanding boss saw something in the error-prone, unco-ordinated man, and was determined to make hi...
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Gay Erotica Volume 1

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