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Although his Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. are in Chemistry and Meteorology, James worked as a scientist and system/software engineer before retiring a third time, and then turned to writing. Extensive travel, from Thule, Greenland to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – and to dozens of countries in between – provide the real-life experiences he incorporates into everything he writes.

James enjoys boating, kayaking, skiing, traveling, hiking, tending nine grandchildren (no more than two at a time), and ballroom dancing, but his first love is writing. He has completed eight novels and one short story, and intends to continue writing in the Sci-Fi and Paranormal Comedy genres. He has contracts with, Solstice Publishing and Eternal Press.

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Current Releases

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Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana!
  Infected terrorists carry genetically engineered bio-warfare agents to unsuspecting populations. All humans die except those isolated in Cheyenne Mountain.     Dr. Marcy Whites resurrects V5, a prehistoric bacter...
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Kill Zone

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The Empress of Tridon
Miss Havana’s public persona was far from the truth because, in her capacity as substitute teacher, the small community where she lived knew her as the breathtakingly beautiful young woman who demanded every student learn, but in her private...
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The Substitute
In a world struggling to recover from biological warfare, Cultural Anthropologists, Beth Gooding and Professor James, work to resurrect the technology of the past without the brutality of the past. They lead austere lives typical of the early 1800...
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Aftermath Horizon

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The Judge

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The Final Experiment

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Infinity Quest

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