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James M. Corkill

Bestselling and award-winning author James M. Corkill, is a Veteran, and retired Federal Firefighter from Washington State, USA. He was an electronic technician and studied mechanical engineering in his spare time before eventually becoming a firefighter for 32-years and retiring. He began writing in 1997, and was fortunate to meet the famous horror writer Hugh B. Cave, who became his mentor. He now lives in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina.


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The color of your eyes will determine whether you live or die, and only geologist Alex Cave can save the majority of our population from annihilation. Alex had discovered four alien artifacts that seemed designed to destroy all life on our planet....
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Pandora's Eyes The Alex Cave Series Book 5
Winner of the 2016 Best Indie Book Award in Science Fiction, this adventure takes place in the present-day northern hemisphere, where only geologist Alex Cave can humanity from annihilation from an artificial gravity device. Alex receives an urg...
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Gravity The Alex Cave Series, Book 4
The Yellowstone Super Volcano is about to erupt, and only geologist Alex Cave can civilization from entering a global winter. In part-2 of Cold Energy, Alex is trying to recover an alien artifact from the crater of a dormant volcano when things go...
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Red Energy The Alex Cave Series. Book 3
Global oil supplies begin to vanish without a trace. Society starts to crumble, and only geologist Alex Cave can save civilization from total collapse. When his wife was murdered during a mission, Alex quit the CIA for a less stressful life as a g...
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The Alex Cave Series, Book 1
The discovery of an ancient alien artifact is causing extremely destructive weather patterns in the northern hemisphere, and only Alex Cave can save us from another ice age. A climatologist discovers that a massive sheet of transparent ice in the ...
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Cold Energy The Alex Cave Series, Book 2

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