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Jeremy is no stranger to piercings, but the world of tattoos is all new to him. When sexy tattoo artist Dennis offers to give him his fist ink, Jeremy can’t decide if his lust is for the tattoo or for the guy willing to give it to him. ...
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Lust and Skin
Harper and his boyfriend, Max, are excited to have a brand new headboard. But in the process of trying to break the headboard in, they both end up with injuries that threaten to kill the mood. It will take a lot of stubbornness to keep their enthu...
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Rockin' Headboard
Tate Hampton is a stifled artist whose only company is his pet parrot, Jolene. The only thing he likes about his job is his handsome boss, Markus Athel. His relationship with Markus is strictly business until Markus appears at Tate’s door to...
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Adam realizes that he runs the risk of losing his lover, Jace, if he won’t give Jace the same physical pleasure that Jace gives him. But sometimes practicing blowjob techniques is just awkward. How far is Adam willing to go to ensure that hi...
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Read Review
Possessive werewolf Zevi Sahar is worried that his human mate, Conner, is cheating on him with the pack alpha. His fears reach a peak when Zevi confronts Conner about his supposed affair and decides to use sex to show his dominance and remin...
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Marking Property
Mahak Sinan, a six-hundred-year-old-vampire, spends his nights at a club with his saucy human lover, Parker. But when Parker gets too much unwanted attention from a man at the bar, Mahak and Parker decide to make the man understand that it's a bad id...
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Dance of Seduction
Alexander brought home a mirror from the antique store he owns, only to find that a special secret – the spirit of a handsome young man – is trapped behind the glass. Though the two are unable to touch skin-to-skin, they find a way to exp...
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Prince Meilyr of Aurendale doesn't get along with Nicholi, the oracle of his country's matron goddess, or Nicholi's barbarian lover, Ein. But after King Reagan is assassinated and Prince Meilyr's own life is threatened, there is no...
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The Blind Prophecy
Ghaith is so excited when Noah surprises him with a weekend away at Noah’s country house. He doesn't expect the heavy rain, but Ghaith isn’t going to let a little storm ruin the first night of his first weekend away with his lover....
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Against the Window

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