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  Ikarus remembers nothing. One moment there was darkness and the next, there was light. However, Ikarus Kane remembered nothing. The world he knew is gone. Waking from a coma, he finds the world as he knew it greatly changed. It ...
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In the Dead of Night
Season 2 of the highly rated TV Soap Opera, Hope Falls, begins with two shocking announcements. FROM: THE BURBANK POST, Entertainment Section, July 1st, 2007 ". . .In other news, HOPE FALLS delivers another shocking death in a conti...
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Eagle Valley
  Justin Wright has been pitched into a war he doesn't understand. He must rely on his wits if he's going to run fast enough to save his life.               ...
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The Fruit Machine 1: Discovery
Death has always been a lonely business. Darion Muerte knows this firsthand as a Reaper. But his world changes when he meets Kale. Death has always been a lonely business. Darion Muerte knows this firsthand. Darion is a Reaper, one of thos...
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Reaping Shadows
Justin Wright is not lucky in love. His boyfriend has dumped him. He no longer believes in love at first sight, and he hates Valentine's Day. Justin's world is thrown upside down when a cop gives him a blowjob in a hotel bathroom. ...
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Copping a Feel
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Years ago, Owen and Daniel parted. Best friends for years, they each gave into their attraction one summer to find love, only to lose it when the summer ended. Yearning to fill the void he feels in himself, Owen has tried anonymous sex, quick flin...
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Daniel goes to the glory holes looking to fill a void. He knows he shouldn't, he knows it isn't safe. But a need fills him. A need for a man he cannot have. Knowing that Owen is lost to him forever, Daniel gives into the demands of his...
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Hard Glory
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Owen thought he had everything he'd ever wanted. In love with his best friend Daniel, Owen is thrilled when they finally explore their growing attraction and each other's bodies. But nothing good lasts for long. Owen is shocked whe...
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Meet Cynthia Nixon. Unlucky at love, she begins to despair of ever finding Mr. Right. All the guys she's been dating lately have been freaks or losers. But with a little help from Cupid, things might be looking up. Except for the fact that Cu...
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Cupid's Delight

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