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Someone killed Bill, and whoever it was stole all the money. Rita Mae came to San Francisco in the late 1800s with her man to find a better life, never mind the fact that said new life involved plans to rob a few banks. When Bill is murdered,...
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Going Where the Wind Blows
Upon hearing a scream, Artie Applegate stops stuffing stolen merchandise into his athletic bag and looks out the window of the computer store he's looting. To his horror, he sees a woman being dragged down the New York City street by a big, bu...
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Artie and the Brown-Eyed Woman
Artie is beginning to rethink his profession when he again meets a stunning woman outside the door of a store he has just robbed. This one only wants him to use his lock-picking skills to open a door across the alley. Until, that is, she's att...
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Artie and the Green-Eyed Woman

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