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Jane Kent has been telling stories most of her life; when she isn’t writing them she’s moonlighting at her day job in professional theatre and film. She lives near Toronto, Canada and is allowed to share a home—as long as she caters to every whim—with two very spoiled cats. Jane’s website is still a work-in-progress but she would love to hear from readers at and promises to respond to each and every one…though not necessarily speedily!

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A Note From Jane Kent

Hello romance lovers! Welcome to my author page! I love to hear from readers, so please drop me an email anytime.

Current Releases
Love at first sight? When pigs fly and the earth stops spinning! For Skye Hagens and Rome James it was loathing at first sight. Under Skye’s stunning blonde bombshell looks beat the heart of a ball-busting man-hater as far as Rome was concer...
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Perfect for Each Other
First place winner in Whisper Publishing's New Year's Resolutions Writing Contest! PJ James’ New Year's resolution is to make no resolutions, especially of the romantic kind. She's always failed at her resolutions in the past...
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Getting It Right
When Jack and Siobhan divorced, the truth was, neither really wanted it. But anger, misunderstandings and the inability to communicate with each other, despite more than ten years of marriage, spun things out of control and the divorce happened an...
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Marry Christmas, Baby!
First place winner in the 2012 inaugural multicultural Swirl Awards, historical category! When Underground Railroad conductor Quin Sutton is captured and sold into slavery, his only goal is to regain his freedom. Yet, when the opportunity to escap...
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The Promise of Canaan
       What was a nice Italian girl doing in an Irish Pub on St. Patrick’s Day?      Whatever Angelina Marinucci had thought she’d be doing, it certainly was not what she is doing, which ...
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Angel's Luck
If life were a television series, then Gabriel Benton’s life has suddenly become an episode in the classic Twilight Zone…where nothing is as he thought it was…  When Gabe returns home to his family’s Niagara Peninsul...
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A Perfect Balance
A FREE read from A siren who enchants men, a selkie who seduces women…with parents like that, she should have powers the envy of every woman…too bad it didn’t work out quite like that.
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Serendipity...Or Something Like That

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