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My husband and I are natives of the Pacific Northwest who recently moved to northeastern Ohio. I'm missing the ocean, but loving the thunderstorms and fireflies.

Our family includes two mini-schnauzers - one handles author time management (Murray wakes me every morning at 7 by putting his paw on my hand) and the other handles security (Coco barks if a blade of grass dares to move outside). 

Life is good!

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Current Releases
When a psychic gives Tensley the chance to erase her biggest regret and replay her life with the one who got away, who would have thought a simple “do-over” could go so terribly wrong—and feel so right?  TAKE IT... When Ten...
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Be Careful What You Kiss For
Izzy Hart just wants to hear three little words, but first she has to tell her best friend Sam that he’s ”the one”, deal with his blonde Amazon of a crush, fix a mistakenly administered love potion and decipher the meaning of one...
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Say It Again, Sam
Take one carousel horse with erotic magical powers, add two strangers and an inescapable destiny. Sometimes it's all you can do to hold on for the ride. ...
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Grab the Brass Ring

A Peek Into the Life of Jane Lynne Daniels

Coco - in charge of household security

Coco - in charge of household security
Murray - in charge of author's time management

Murray - in charge of author's time management

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