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Jane Toombs lives with her Viking and their grandcat on the south shore of lake Superior in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.  The author of eighty plus published books and over twenty novellas and short stories, Jane writes in all genres except men's acrion and erotica. She loves to hear from readers and her email can be found on her website
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A beautiful young woman accompanies her soldier father to a fort in Indian country, where she in transformed from a naive, spoiled child into a woman capable of fighting for her life when she is taken prisoner by a renegade indian. Valerie fa...
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Savage Beauty
Hallow House Omnibus published by Books We Love contains Part 1 and Part 2 of Jane Toombs' powerful novel about the secrets of Hallow House. A house built for love and cursed with death. Two children, one will live, one will die. Magic po...
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Hallow House Omnibus
Books We Love is happy to present the entire Seven Book Collection of the Golden Chances Saga in this one Collectible Omnibus. Join Author Jane Toombs as she takes you back to a time shortly after Confederation and then, book by book, follow ...
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Golden Chances Complete Collection

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Golden Chances Book 1 - The Bastard
When Lisa Womack flies to California to search for clues to her lost father, she never dreams she might find romance-and deadly danger.
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The Dark Lighthouse
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Princess Heavenly Flower, call Lelani, upset at having to marry an old man goes with her retainers on what she fears will be her last picnic. A storm separates her from the other, driving her into the dreaded forest. Caught up in a wild adventure, Le...
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