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Janet lane Walters was born in Wilkensburg, Pa July 17, 1936 reported to be the hottest day of the summer. She has been a published author since 1968 beginning with short stories and moving into novels when an editor told her a short story sounded like a synopsis for a novel. In the 197os and 1980s she published 4 sweet nurse romance novels. Then she returned to school to earn a BS in Nursing and a BA in English. Returning to work as a nurse to help put four children through college she put her writing career on hold. In 1993 she retired from nursing and began writing again. A new nurse romance followed in print. Then she discovered electronic publishing and since 1998 has been electronically published.

Janet calls herself an eclectic writer since she moved from genre to genre. There are mysteries featuring Katheine Miller a former nurse who seems to stumble over bodies wherever she goes. Using her interest in Astrology, she ahs several series that use Astrology as a premise for the stories. Once she earned enough money to travel to Ireland by casting charts for people. She has many books in the romance genre, some of them are contemporary and are nurse romance, others fall into the fantasy or paranormal forms of romance. Interested in reincarnation, she has used this as a jumping point for at least two novels. Two of her novels deal with alternate worlds using a love affair with Ancient Egypt.

Under her other name J.L. Walters she has written a YA fantasy series called Affinities. She has also written a non-fiction book when her co-author Jane Toombs that won the EPIC Award in 2003 for best Non-fiction. During her career she has received other awards and has a number of great reviews.

Besides her four adult children, she has seven grandchildren. Five of them are the models for the YA series. The other two arrived too late to play a large role in the series. Four of her granchhildren are bi-racial and 3 are chinese so the eclectic even invades her family. She has been married to the same man for more than 50 years. He's a psychiatrist who refuses to cure her obsession for writing.

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Current Releases
When Maria and a child she says is his arrives on Jay’s doorsteps, he is in the middle of composing a musical. Though the four year old has his eyes, Jay can’t be sure this isn’t a scam. He believes his dead wife took steps to rid h...
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Melodic Dreams
During the French and Indian War, Willow Who Weeps' village is destroyed by a band of hostile braves led by Rene Du Barri. Joined by an English friend, Jonathan Reed, Willow Who Weeps searches for the Frenchman. Vengeance will be hers for not on...
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Whispers Our Of Yesteryear
Amber Chronicles Collection: Emme, a witch and the heir to the throne of the world called Amber is banished from her home to find love. She believes she can command a man to love her but this does not work. Angry at being told no by the crown prince ...
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Amber Chronicles
Trusting others isn't in Jules Grayson's nature. With the firm belief that those he loves will leave him, he always leaves first. When a wedding and a business project force him to return to the Hudson River village, he finds the only woman w...
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A Spicy Seduction
Returning to Fern Lake after ten years for the funeral of his cousin and teenage enemy, Simon Parker learns his high school sweetheart is nine months pregnant and seven months divorced from his cousin. Their meeting is complicated by her labor and dr...
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Rekindled Dreams
Three Moon Summoned women. Ashiera the Seer who controls the winds and sees into the thoughts of others. Dian the Warrior who controls fire and fights with the sword. Egeria the Healer who controls fluids and heals those who are injured. They are joi...
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Moon Summoned
The wedding plans are giving Katherine fits and she takes a short trip to visit her friend, who has a shop called Herbal Haven. There she meets Joyce's partner Brenda. Brenda is a micro-manager to the extreme and Kathrine suggests her friend buy ...
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The Micro-manager Murder
Torn apart years ago by lies and threats, Rafe Marshall returns to town and confronts Manon Lockley. She has been told he died on the night he stood her up for their senior prom. When she faints, Rafe catches her and realizes he hasn’t stopp...
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Shattered Dreams
After the death of her parents, Karen Saunders was brought up by her sister, Susan, and her brother-in-law, John. Because John was overly strict, Karen became a rebellious teenager and often got into trouble. Now several years later—after worki...
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Nurse Karen Comes Home
Not everyone has access to a good critique group. If you're on your own and need someone to help polish your manuscript so it shines in the eyes of agents and editors, look no further. Using examples from their own work and a huge dash of humor, ...
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Words Perfect - Becoming Your Own Critique Partner
In Affinities, Escape, a Books We Love Young Adult Fantasy, two sets of halfling twins, Ashlea, Brandien, Jaydren and Kylandra sent away from their home by their parents to protect them from trouble, search for mentors to teach them how to use the...
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Affinities 1 - Escape
The four teens, led by the mysterious birds they believe are their parents seek a place of safety where they can learn to control their affinities. They find a place of refuge with Doma Jandia, grandmother of their friend Zand. The doma plans to t...
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Affinities 2 - Havens
Having found a safe place in a tower fortress, the four and their companions set out to find what they need to defeat Dom Senet and He Who Walks With Evil. They divide into three groups. The first group seeks the focus stones that enhance their af...
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Affinities 3 - Searches
In Confrontations by J.L. Walters, a Books We Love Young Adult Fantasy, Ash, Bran, Ky and Jay along with their friends have now mastered their affinities. They now control their ability to use Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The time has come for them...
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Affinities 4 - Confrontations
To honor a promise made to his dying father, Alric trains as a Defender. For some reason the Swordmaster wishes him gone and his first two bondings end in failure. A failed third one will see Alric banished. His meeting with the older daughter of the...
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Lines of Fire
Choices Johanna Gordon, the Director of Nursing at Hudson Community hospital has never worked elsewhere. The hospital is her home. The CEO has plans and she suspects those plans will ruin the hospital and cause trouble with the nurses’ union. ...
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Books We Love Special Edition Janet Lane Walters
Tony Carlin learns what making an assumption makes him. Lauren Grant has made her own assumptions. The deaths of his brother and her sister bring them together to become guardians to 10 month old Jamie. He bases his view of her on their first and onl...
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A Surprising Seduction
 Johanna Gordon devotes her time and energy to her job as Director of Nursing at Hudson Community Hospital. With budget cuts hanging over her head, Johanna suspects the CEO of scheming a plan that threatens her job as well as the hospital, and s...
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In Code Blue, nurse Susan finds the body of the hospital’s “gossip queen” in the orthopedic storage room. She doesn’t realize this is the first of a series of murders involving her colleagues or that her life is in danger. She...
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Code Blue
Matt Blakefield thinks he has avoided the Blakefield curse for all these many years. Until he meets Cassie Moore, a cardiologist and learns she is the girl he insulted when they were in high school. She has changed from the ugly duckling into a sw...
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A Sudden Seduction
Laurel Richmond RN has always dreamed of a home, a family, and since the age of sixteen, the love of a special man - Alex Carter. Believing she would never have these things, she took a job with an international health agency. Now, burned out physica...
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A Minor Opposition
In the center of the maze at an Adirondack resort lies a spring-fed pool. Legend says that if you look into the serene depths under a full moon, you’ll see the face of your true love. In this collection of four novellas, the magic of the Moon P...
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Moon Pool
Heart Throb   Magda Malone likes men and has no desire to marry. She’s been there, done that and got burned. She’s happy with her position as coordinator of the cardiac unit at the hospital. A new neighbor promises many ni...
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Heart Throb
In Books We Love's "A Double Opposition" by Janet Lane Walters, Nursing supervisor Liz Jordan’s life is hectic. With twin sons who have never known their father, a new job and her reliable sitter moving to Florida, she has no time...
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A Double Opposition
When Nicola Gordon and her younger sisters travel from India to England, she goes to a marriage she doesn’t want. Drew Barlow has no desire for marriage, but his distant cousin and Nicola’s grandfather, ran the estates into debt. Drew ...
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Take one doctor who’s made a career of temporary positions and avoiding commitment. Add a nurse who dreams of security and a settled life. Stir in infant twins bequeathed to him by his dead foster sister. Pour them into a small Texas town that ...
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The Doctor's Dilemma
Katherine Miller has retired from two careers, one as a nurse and the other as a church organist. Though she has no desire for a third career, she may be forced to become a detective. Her latest tenant has brought trouble to the neighborhood. When Ra...
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Murder and Mint Tea
The current organist at St. Stephen's has left and Katherine has been asked to chair the search committee for a new organist. The moment she hears Roger Brandon's artistry she knows he is the one for his mastery of the instrument is enough to...
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Requiem Murder
Feeling guilty about her role in the recent murder at St Stephen's, Katherine accepts her friend Lars' invitation to spend New Year's Eve and a few weeks with him in Santa Fe. She rents a car in Albuquerque and drives to his house. He isn...
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The Midas Murders
Katherine Miller's newest tenant is the estranged granddaughter of Katherine's good friend. She vows to bring the pair together. When her friend falls and fractures her hip, she is taken to an exclusive nursing home called Hudson House. Kathe...
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The Hudson House Murders
Zelda has loved Michael for most of her life, but he seems to be working through the alphabet in his search for a wife. She's a Z and it will be years before he reaches her. Besides, when they're together, strange things happen, usually to hi...
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Shortcut To Love
The Black Jewel has been destroyed and the White Jewel rules the others. The Brotherhood of Mages are in flight and many of the mages are dead. Something troubles the Jewel Holders. The words of an elderly Healer send them on quests to find the secre...
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The Secret of the Jewels
As editor of Good Cookin', good food is Allie's passion, which is why defies her father's edict to avoid Five Cuisines. The chef/owner of the new restaurant is flattered by her offer to do a spread, but his mother gives him second thought...
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A Savory Seduction
Mark figures it's the Blakefield curse to fall in love once and never forget that love. True or not, he's never forgotten Christa and never gotten over her. When he discovers his long lost love is running an Inn in Vermont, he heads for Ve...
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A Second Seduction
Read Review
Drakon has escaped from the priestesses of the Temple of Fyre and returned home to find the keep almost deserted. There remains but one dragon, an ancient yellow. Vowing revenge against the lord of Sea Cliff, he sets out to accomplish this. &...
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The Dragons of Fyre
Megan had a set of life rules that she had to constantly remind herself of whenever Steve Morgan was around. From the time he?d come to work at the magazine, she'd wanted him in the worst kind of way. The problem was, she wanted forever and St...
Available Now!
A Silken Seduction
On the world of Earda, the Jewels rule all.  Power flows from their depths, and the world responds to the will of their holders - and, the will of holder of the Black Jewel, which rules them all.  Yet, legend speaks of a time when there was...
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The Quest For The White Jewel
 The Brotherhood of Mages -- The Black Jewel has been destroyed and several of the Jewels of Earda need Holders.  In their hidden refuge, the Brotherhood of Mages plot to destroy the newly-found peace.  When Jindera's brother is ki...
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The Brotherhood of Mages
 The position as patient care coordinator is single mother Ginny Barr's dream come true, allowing her to raise her daughter and young niece in the suburbs instead of the inner city. When the Chief of Orthopedics, and her greatest supporter, ...
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Prescription For Love
Driven from the temple, stoned, and left for dead when she defies the high priestess, Malera, Ria's one thought is to find a way to stop the woman's evil reign of terror. To succeed she needs Ari's help, the Seeker who rescues her, who...
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The Temple of Fyre
Captive of an ancient curse, Astrid must journey through the ages, through deceit and betrayal, to find true love and break the curse.... Egypt: When the touch of an ancient Egyptian necklace hurtles her back through time into the turbulent l...
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All Our Yesterdays
When Jenessa Robertson learns the new Director of Nursing is Eric Bradshaw, she suspects this is a ploy by the hospital Board to sidetrack contract negotiations. Though attracted to Eric, she believes they are on opposite sides. As the attraction ...
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On Opposite Sidea
A marriage of convenience will give Carrie the means to care for her ailing mother and work one rather than two jobs. Who better than her childhood friend? Love old and new changes and they find marriage inconvenient. Will they find a way to make thi...
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A Marriage - Inconvenient

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