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Joan Bowman has a need to belong to something larger than herself. A veteran trained to the point of perfection, she belonged to the US Army and then to an underground resistance group. It was when she was a member of the militia, that she first met ...
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Cowards Never Start
Six months ago, Joan Bowman’s fiancé, Duncan Archer, was shot during an ATF sting operation in Arizona. He’d left a message with a friend that, if anything happened to him, she was to call a certain phone number. That led her to Yo...
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The Only Sin ~ Book 3 of the Iron Angel Series
Joan Bowman and Duncan are fugitives, but trouble doesn’t seem to have any problem finding them… Joan, Duncan, and Kearney race across the country, barely avoiding capture by the Constitution Defense Legion Task Force. They settle dow...
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Hottest Places in Hell
Following a worldwide economic collapse, a tyrannical administration has taken control of the United States government and nullified the Constitution. Joan Bowman, a highly skilled veteran and patriot, joins an underground resistance group to restore...
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Worst of All Evils

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