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I am a middle-aged mom who discovered her kinky side later in life. I have always enjoyed writing, although it wasn't until recent years that I began to share my works publicly. My spanking short stories tend to be M/F, to match my own personal interests, and often incorporate humor and romance. I try to experiment with my writing, striving for unique plot lines and (hopefully) taking readers down unusual paths. I have also dabbled in fan fiction, yet my ultimate goal is to write a romance novel someday. Among other things, I have a background as an English teacher and professional editor, and truly enjoy helping others find ways to express themselves. Nothing transports both reader and writer like an imaginative, well-written story!

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Twice widowed by the age of 40, it seems as though Angela's once vibrant and adventurous spirit has died along with her last husband. She wears black, refers to herself as The Black Widow, and experiences limited success in meeting Mr Right fr...
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Black Widow
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