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When Jenny Miller’s widowed mother becomes engaged to the father of Jenny’s ex-lover, Jenny is torn. She knows a renewal of her affair with Robert, her soon-to-be stepbrother, could jeopardize her mother’s marriage. But Robert wa...
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Pleasuring a Pirate
Roxanne Cline promised her father she would seek revenge against his blackmailer, but seven years after her father’s death she still hasn’t kept her promise. Roxanne’s guilt has crippled her sex life until she stumbles on Carlos Del...
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Roxanne's Pirate
  Sophia Kincaid is a destitute widow living on her aunt’s charity in the small village of Cransford, Massachusetts, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Unlike her neighbors, who seem to be as morally rigid as their Puritan ...
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Watercolorist's Seduction

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