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Jannie started writing because she couldn’t help herself. She needed to get some of the many stories trapped inside her head out. That was her excuse then, and it’s her excuse now. A mixture of a healthy imagination and difficulties getting the words out of her mouth made writing her outlet, and since 2008 she’s been fortunate enough to publish some of the many words she types.

When she’s not writing–or thinking about writing, which takes up most hours of the day–she manages to squeeze in some running, photography, and various creative pastimes.

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Current Releases
Scott Sullivan has been sent on a not all together pleasant trip down memory lane to secure a location for a client. Sure, it may take some charm and convincing to get the owners to sell, but he’s up for the task. And then he’s getting th...
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Vintage Dreams
Eve goes missing. Twenty-seven years later Clara is found. Upon realizing that her life is a lie, Clara searches for who she used to be. There are a new family and an old love to deal with, as well as the question of how to combine Clara and Eve. The...
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Finding Clara
Struggling to be a dad and a son, Alexander didn’t know he was lost. Living her dream, Sarah didn’t know she needed to be found. Enter cupid in the form of a dying man, who hasn’t had much contact with his children and grandchildren...
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A Thousand Sunsets

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