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The most important things in Patsy Bartlett’s life are what color nail polish to use and whether to fly to Rome or Paris for the weekend—until her father, calling her spoiled, lazy, and greedy, cuts the purse strings and gives her a si...
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Double Down Desperate
Small time investigator Jace Murdock is suspicious when a local hotel baron seeks him out to locate a woman he claims is his wife’s daughter. When Jace discovers he’s being tailed, he starts to wonder if the wealthy businessman has...
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Bittersweet Memories
THE ESCAPE   After her husband is murdered, Maggie Carpelli discovers her father-in-law may be involved in a multi-million dollar investment scheme. He’ll stop at nothing to prevent this information from getting into the wrong h...
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Edge of Daybreak
Book Four in the Douglas Family Series Katie Benson wants to get pregnant. She doesn't want or need a husband, but since she has to name the father to get her inheritance, she's hunting for a live donor. While visiting a friend's home in northern...
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Random Fire (Douglas Family Series, Book 4)

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