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Jason has been writing since he was 9 or 10, he doesn't remember exactly, but his stories started out as one page epics (well, they were epics to him) and he's never looked back. Just last year, he completed his course work and graduated as a certified veterinary assistant. He loves animals. One of his favorite channels is Animal Planet. When he's not bumming around watching TV, he writes, which usually has him wide awake at all hours of the night, and often into the next day.

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Current Releases
Over what can love and lust win? Can they win over betrayal? Espionage? Instability? Overthrowing a monarchy? Jason continues the Dark Robe Society's story; Jack and Edge return and bring each other and us to the edge again while Toren and Tee...
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Dark Robe Edges
A disillusioned Jack Harrow escapes the crowded Earth of 2575 and its increasingly militaristic government, hoping to make a new life on the distant small moon of Jupiter. During this long voyage, military recruit Edge Fland catches first his eye,...
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Dark Robe Heart

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