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Music has played a central role in Jason Warburg's life since he sat in his older brothers' bedroom at age three listening to them play A Hard Day's Night over and over again. A recovering political junkie, in his thirties he moved into the non-profit world, while enjoying a parallel career as a music writer. The latter includes nearly 20 years with independent music review site The Daily Vault (, where he has served as editor since 2003. He is the author of more than 600 album reviews, interviews, essays and features. His 2011 novel Believe in Me presents a tale not just centered around but "infused with" music, a journey across America whose outcome ultimately hinges on the healing power of rock and roll. His non-fiction debut My Heart Sing the Harmony (2016) is a 308-page love letter to popular music collecting more than 100 reviews, interviews and essays spanning genres from rock and roll to jazz to country to progressive rock.

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What does music mean to you? Is it entertainment? Background noise? Or a consuming passion and constant presence in your life for as long as you can remember? For longtime music writer Jason Warburg, editor of independent album review site The Daily ...
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My Heart Sings the Harmony: Twenty Years of Writing About Music
Tim Green's life is falling apart; he's just lost the single father he grew up with and his brief career in politics is in the process of crashing and burning around him. That is, until stadium-filling musical icon and political activist Jord...
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Believe in Me

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