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With the publication of "The Cat in the Cradle," Jay Bell can finally call himself an author, which would no doubt come as a great relief to his childhood self. He currently writes from his home in Stuttgart, Germany where he lives with his husband and two very talkative cats. Normally he doesn't refer to himself in third person as he is doing now. It's really very awkward. Er... I have a couple more books in the pipeline, so I really hope you enjoy the first one. Honestly, I'm really very nervous about my debut, but in a good way. Leave me a review and let me know what you think, or stop by my web site ( and leave a comment there. Peace out, yo!
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There are two sides to every story. When you're Tim Wyman, sometimes there are three.   Tim hoped moving to Texas would mean a new beginning, a chance to spread his wings, but he soon finds himself falling into the same tired patt...
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Something Like Winter
  If the world is against you, don't give up. Find yourself a kindred spirit. Then you can start fighting back.   They say Connor, the one with the crazy eyes and creepy scar, tried to kill his old man. Lately he's be...
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Kamikaze Boys
  Love, like everything in the universe, cannot be destroyed. But over time it can change.   The hot Texas nights were lonely for Ben before his heart began beating to the rhythm of two words; Tim Wyman. By all appearances, T...
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Something Like Summer
"An interesting and intriguing novel with many original ideas." ~Piers Anthony, author of the Apprentice Adept and Xanth series The Cat in the Cradle is Jay Bell's debut fantasy novel. The novel takes the reader on an exploration of the Five La...
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The Cat in the Cradle

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