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Inseparable since kindergarten, Matt and Kurt are more than just friends. They're childhood sweethearts, only they've never admitted it to themselves or each other. On their last night together before college, Matt works up the coura...
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Green Mountain Boys
When Zach hears that two cops were shot at a bank robbery, he frantically dials his closeted lover, Steve, but gets no answer. Hours later, Steve comes home, unharmed. He doesn’t want to talk about work, as usual. Zack is angry, but re...
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Left Unsaid
Fionn has waited six hundred years for revenge against Brandr, the vampire who turned him. The first part of his plot goes so well. He kidnaps Kyle, Jamie and Henry from Brandr’s house. That’s all that goes according to plan, though. Usua...
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Unbound: Bonded II
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There's nothing like having sex in a public, or semi-public place, to really ramp up the excitement. In The Touch of Nostalgia by Heidi Champa, an old-school concert at a tiny club proves more than just a trip down memory lane, when a man find...
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Toy Box: Public Places

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