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I'm a native New Yorker, born and bred in Brooklyn, married for thirty-odd years (and they have been odd) to my high school sweetheart. Is it any wonder I became a romance novelist? I now live on a mountain top in rural Pennsylvania. I play guitar and studied voice privately with a coach from Juilliard. I sing everything from folk music to Grand Opera - in ten languages including Gaelic and Hebrew.

My day job involves music therapy for seniors. Over the course of many years I have been inspired and astonished by the wealth of knowledge and experience of the elderly.


I write erotic paranormal/fantasy romance. I'm published with Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id and Aspen Mountain Press. My latest work for Liquid Silver Books is "A Song of the Sidhe". "The Shimmering Flame", also with LSB, is an Urban Fantasy, and part of the Terran Realm universe. I'm working on A Perfect Symmetry, its sequel and it should be out in early 2009. The Sweet Flag, my first m/m historical paranormal romance, was released in 2008 from  Loose Id. I'm working on its sequel, also.
Due out in February 2009 is Bend in the Road, my first m/m historical for ManLoveRomance Press.
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Current Releases
Released now from ManLoveRomance Press An erotic, m/m historical romance, dual novella anthology BEND IN THE ROAD, set in Eastern Europe in the 1880s, introduces us to two couples that find safe havens in the insular world of a traveling Yiddish ...
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Bend in the Road
Dave Harris is a NYPD vice detective. Single, handsome and straight, with a brand new sexy girlfriend, he shares an apartment with Frank Paterno, his best friend from high school, unaware of Frankie's feelings for him. Shari Nelson, a freelance rep...
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The Game
The place: Ireland, a long, long time ago when the Sidhe walked among mortals. Donal Bawn was the most handsome man in all of Tipperary with a voice that could lure the birds from the trees. But that all changed when he angered Ogma, High King of th...
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A Song of the Sidhe
Brandon Keats is a paranormal investigator, specializing in Civil War phenomena. As a gay man, he's searched for years for evidence of gay paranormal activity. When he finally finds what he believes to be an example of this, he decides to confront th...
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The Sweet Flag
Brigid Kawsantower travels to Ireland with her husband, Gabe, unaware of the true reason for their trip--or her true identity--until she comes to the little town of Carrigclarseach. There she learns of the Terrans, a clandestine group of supernatural...
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The Shimmering Flame
Nanny Abby Foster has a few special skills, among them stealing. So nicking the Crystal Flacon from its owner should be a walk in the park. It would be, if not for the visions, the conspiracy, and one helluva a sexy man
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The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon
When Julie opens a male strip club, the auditions bring in all kinds of talent. She's not expecting to find a man for herself, but she winds up with two gorgeous aliens to choose from. And the wrong choice may cost her life....
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No One Else on Earth

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