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Jeff Prebis is the author of the gloriously gory novel, The Debacle, and the new short story collection called Walking On Razor Blades: Stories of Death, Blood, And Sex. Walking On Razor Blades covers everything from erotic vampire stories to gory android tales to lunatics harming themselves because of bath salts. Plenty of drug fiction. A man has a bad reaction to an erection pill he took, and turns into a cat. In a village of androgynous people an ape is the messiah, and he forces a hungry man to eat his own body. His newest book, High Off Your Blood, is the story of a man frustrated with his life who randomly stumbles into a female vampire at a whorehouse in a shady part of town, and consequently becomes addicted to her blood, and will lie, cheat, and steal to drink more of what she has to offer him.

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Current Releases

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A Trip Down Psychopath Lane

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Black And Blue

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Two Sultry Nights And One Macabre Morning
Enter a neighborhood populated by cannibalistic racists. A place where only vampires may be able to save you. Vampires want to be loved just like the rest of us. A man has a bad reaction to an erection pill he took, and turns into a cat. In... a v...
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Walking On Razor Blades: Stories Of Death, Blood, And Sex

Available Now!
High Off Your Blood

Available Now!
The Debacle

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