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Jeff Zwagerman is a former educator who taught Speech, Theatre, and English.  He was a high school principal and Superintendent of schools with a B.S. in Theatre and Speech, M.A. in Educational Administration, and ED.S. in Education. He lives and plays on Lake Okoboji in Northwest Iowa.  His first novel, Always A Kicker was the first in the Zander series.  A Full Bubble Off Plumb continues the saga of the broken and damaged character.  The third book, South Of Sideways, should be available early next year.

Current Releases
Going home after twenty years is never easy. It compounds itself, when the reason for going back home is to bury parents. Zander could have done the easy thing and let others help him in his time of turmoil and grief. He was powerless to follow that ...
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A Full Bubble Off Plumb
A horrific accident happens when Zander is fifteen years old.  It shapes the next twenty years of his life.  His wanderlust and passion for uncommitted relationships seems to be a direct result of his girlfriend’s death.  But som...
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Always A Kicker

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